I am the glassblower

I am an unabashed inconsolable artist with mood swings.

I’m also the glassblower

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8 thoughts on “I am the glassblower

  1. I met you several years ago in Houston Texas, at the renaissance Festival…I sat and watch you for over 3 hours…:I’ve been in love with you and your work ever since!! Amazing woman with a beautiful soul, and a smile that’ll easily melt the glass!!


    1. Travis that is such a sweet thing to say,thank you!❤️


  2. Jodi , Hi it’s Lisa. Just reaching out . I’m so glad you are doing what you love . Peace to you .


    1. Hi LISA nice to hear from you! LISA N calls you boot camp Lisa lol. How are you and your family?


  3. Hi Jodi, I first met you at the NY Ren Faire maybe 15+ years ago when my boyfriend (now husband) took me on our first date…I decided to splurge and bought myself one of your peacock vase. It is still the centerpiece in our living room that we continue to admire every day. Since that sunny day in Aug, when I first watched you blow glass…..I’ve taken 2 courses in glassblowing & even got my 6 year old daughter into it!.. hoping to continue more in the future. Just wanted to reach out and say “thank you” for doing what you do & for being such an inspiration.

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    1. Sorry so late to reply! I thought I had!
      Thank you Jen that is so good to hear! Which one, a carved one or stylized color?


      1. I bought the carved one! back in 2005/2006 maybe? well worth it 🙂 as I know how much heart and creativity you put into these pieces.

        We still go to the NY Ren Faire…and every year I ask…”I wonder if Jodi Bove will be there this year”….we miss you! Best of luck!


      2. Thanks Jen! I always am here if you want to purchase or see what’s being made!


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