DEMONSTRATION VASES are a fluted “tissue” style  vase in which the shape is determined by allowing the piece to flute organically when the vessel is molten enough to stretch open by spinning the pipe rapidly, and then held upside down to form the flute by allowing the glass to slump. The shape is determined by color placement and molds used to form one of a kind pieces every time. It is a very fun demonstration that became a favorite to watch. To break the monotony I have challenged myself with hard to work color combinations, and irregular shapes, to maintain and not disappoint an audience. The colors cool at different rates when spinning out and slumping the vessel, and can be controlled by the even distribution of color, or it can be made more uncontrollable and organic, by laying the color in blocks so it has an uneven and organic shape and rim.

To parody the fact that I make the same basic vessel shape every show, I introduce each weeks piece by titling it absurdly and in step with the festivals weekend theme.


Fluted Demonstration Vase
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