The Phone Rang, I Answered, and a Snake Under Glass

I answered but I’m not sure how I feel about it. I feel so sorry for the regret she kind of has, and that she can’t develop a lie to explain why she can’t recall who she was, is and will probably always be.

And I caught my cat playing with a Coral Snake.

Coral Snakes are lethal and scary, but quite logical in that they are not very aggressive with large animals unless they feel trapped. This would explain the lively dance that beautiful snake did to keep my kitty at bay, and why he is still breathing. These snakes would much prefer to hide and diffuse, then to coil and bite. This respite allowed time to grab the cats and plunge them into the warehouse apartment, grab my phone, take a few pics, drive him out from under a chair, and then gently place a glass cake top over him. Then, not knowing what he was, I took my morning walk.

Upon a google search by a concerned sibling, I realized that this wasn’t just a very pretty snake.

People, in comparison, defy logic and can be very mean to each other. It’s hard to deffuse. I sometimes feel some people see themselves as sly, cunning and stoic but the reflection I see is a pathetic bunch of aging gorillas fighting over the same lump of rotten meat, sometimes with their own children, only to avail and die from the rot.

Coral Snakes are gorgeous and wonderful , albeit lethal, creatures that also eat other snakes and their young.

Some people are mean up until the day they realize their days on this earth are numbered. And upon that realization, they begin the not unlike “12 steps” practice of mending their souls by hand selecting memories, apologizing, excusing, blindly denying, and outright begging for forgiveness -in preparation.

As if rewriting history could fool the all-mighty in purgatory, just as this tortured soul has fooled the living with a mix of charm, malice and a fake and toothy smile.

Just like the Coral Snake eating her young, she says she doesn’t remember and asks

“Where are my babies?”

So I caught my cat playing with a coral snake today and I had to call the fire department to come get the full-size perfect most venomous snake that exists in North America-out of my studio.

But that wasn’t the most scary thing that happened today.

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