Yours is not my Crazy

I have become profoundly aware that I spend considerable time dealing with, and filing away in the cabinet that is my mind, my own crazy, and lead a perfectly happy life.
With perfectly happy people.
To maintain happy, I do not have any more file space in my mind’s cabinet to alphabetize anyone else’s.
In the art of making and keeping friends, I have to remain vigilant and willing to recognize the difference, and not hoard, that -that isn’t my own.

It’s funny, I was the least lucky, in that I saw everyone else in my life as with much better prospects and support.
I avoided old friends as not to amplify my failures in this life. To my surprise, as I reconnect to find old friends, we are all equally messed up anyway.
And sometimes it seems like I am better at being damaged than most because I’ve had so much practice.

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