My blog http://www.jodi-bove-I-am-the-glassblower.com is a running commentary of musings and memories of being a female hot glass artist and the life stories that help mold my choices to be one.

Often I am asked before my performances “ When will he be blowing glass next? “ or ”When is his next show?” by unknowing patrons at the renaissance fair, in which I most often reply listing show times and other interesting tidbits, but hardly ever say “I am the glassblower” .

There are quite a few times I’ve had to say “ I am the glassblower”, or more simply “ I am.

I do not mean to express I am THE Glassblower by any interpretation as assuming singular or best. Just circumstantial expressions at particular junctures in my life as well as a constant theme of the stories I tell.

Some of the topics I share are personal and may not be appropriate for some viewers but are written to interpret my experiences, although some dark, through an interesting and humorous tell.

11 days until opening day 2019 at the Texas Renaissance Festival!

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