My Best Friend’s Best Friend Thinks A Lot

My Best Friend’s Best Friend Compared the Rorschach Test To the Way Most Americans See The Issues of Today’s Politics. That is to say, as individuals, we “see” what we perceive, according to past experience and knowledge, to apply meaning and truth. I agree.

The problem is, there are so many past experiences and knowledge sourced from biased sources, that we see the same images from our past impressions in the spill of inks blotting up our media.

I have another friend that insists I would love The Young Turks, and he may be right, if I were to chat with them at a party, a happy party, not the political kind…

I would not enjoy them as a news source, at least not to wrap my personal outlook around, and I avoid that kind of input. In my opinion, independent thought should inspire what you see in spills of black ink, not a radio station’s favorite jock, or a comedy that is based on inside agreement on all the issues, to laugh together.

This is an example of how dark inside jokes help people to feel not alone. It also corrupts the issues impeding justice and clarity of purpose.

It is also easier to be told what you believe on complex issues by those you trust and the belief they are true, than to actually seek independent news sources and devising your own truth through independent thought. It is much easier and much more fun to gather a group of like-minded folks together and share shared opinions of, and criticisms of, topics based on politics, god, and the universe, and that kind of information seeking is not synonymous with absorbing the known facts through unbiased information sources. In my opinion, social media groups, self titled political podcasts, YouTubing, or  every one you want to know about me and me and me, are a distraction from what your own truth might be.

Is it enjoyable to watch and listen to, say, Steve Colbert bash our government? Heck yes! But I also remember the Steven Colbert Show where his characterization of a conservative propagator had me convinced he was one, and I still laughed.

Which of these two characters, that this brilliant actor has conjured, are the real Steven Colbert? The answer is probably based on your political leanings and social importing of news sources with and from all the people and platforms that think the same as you. He is speaking his truth when you agree with him.

That is how truth gets bogged, blogged, bottled, and drunk.

We need to be part of something so passionately we must absorb from only those that are affirming  our selves in every way, everyday.

So this begs the question , what is an independent news source? At this place in time, everything that happens is clearly visible in our obsession as people to categorize and live stream, all the time, 24/7. The definition of an independent news source is: ones self.

Watch, read and absorb the facts as they are proved to actually exist through the constant surveillance of reality.

Please lets not let the jocks whose very job title is to shock their audience, form your every belief. Ask yourself: How can they deliver unbiased truths and maintain an audience by not flourishing the truth a bit here and there?

The thing is, the more I am asked to watch The Young Turks by more people, the less likely I will not watch them. How can I not want to be in on the joke? Why wouldn’t I enjoy them since I am perceived as liberal leaning? And also, the question of why I haven’t taken his Hulu sign-in info to see The Young Turks means I am somehow complicit and apathetic to the issues of this day?

There is so much truth out there to seek and find. Time spent explicitly on distilled versions of reality by grouping like-minds seems wasted to me.

Why not just exercise independent thought and view facts as they are proven, displayed, or written into law transparently. 

Yes, there are independent news sources. We all are.

Speak your truth and I hope you have a lot to say, not just repeat and repeat louder. Watch, listen, and act accordingly and take responsibility for yourself, but that is one person’s advise. And also of the opinion, that I hold, that I can give advise. But it’s just my fonting opinion. And this is just a blog.

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